Welcome to AIonOS

AIonOS, a joint venture between InterGlobe and Assago, is set to transform the AI landscape. AIonOS, an AI business venture, is where innovation meets human ingenuity to bring forth a future of precision and purpose in every decision that businesses make. AIonOS will usher in a paradigm shift which will transform businesses into AI-native enterprises by creating a seamless ecosystem of infrastructure, data, and generative AI to unlock new levels of productivity and profitability.

AIonOS will redefine the way businesses operate in the digital age. Its products and services will serve as a link between a company’s data, its analytical capabilities, and its operational execution. AIonOS will automate and optimise decision-making, orchestrate workflows, drive efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and identify opportunities to streamline processes, reduce costs, and maximise productivity. With its unique IntelliOS platform, AIonOS brings AI into every decision-making process and delivers tangible business results.

Pioneering AI Driven Innovation

The mission of AIonOS is to empower businesses with advanced AI solutions that not only streamline workflows but also elevate customer experience. AIonOS is aimed at enabling businesses to accelerate their digital transformation by enhancing human and system capabilities with AI powered solutions.

AI-powered Business Transformation

AIonOS will develop and offer a diverse array of specialised products and technologies powered by AI to address the complex digital transformation challenges of businesses across industries.

Skilled and Value Driven Workforce

At AIonOS, a culture of groundbreaking progress and teamwork permeates the entire organization. This fosters a dynamic and stimulating environment, where cutting-edge concepts are continuously explored and brought to fruition through collaborative efforts.

What sets up apart

AIonOS empowers businesses with advanced AI solutions to help streamline workflows and elevate customer experience

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